A Little Note from Scott

  • Year 2! 2021 was my first year visiting the North Shore and this event. Not long after, I moved full time to Minneapolis and now officially have made Minnesota my home. :)  I'm very excited for the years to come and I was very excited to be back behind the camera for this year's race. Day 1 of the 100 proved to be interesting. Having come from a desert climate, I'm not fully dialed in my rain kit. But! As you'll see in the images, everything went just fine and we were all treated to a perfect Day 2. I apologize to the marathoners as I wasn't in a location this year to capture your event, so most will see 2-3 locations for each 100 miler, 1 location for 50 milers and none for marathoners. 

  • Lastly, as I'm new to many of you, I'll just say that I completely changed my world six years ago to pursue a life telling these stories. I left the spreadsheets, sold the house and lived in a Sprintervan for six years. Covering these events is a pursuit of passion and I'm incredibly lucky to have your support and friendship. Nearly all of my work comes from friends and the people I meet as I travel. Please keep that in mind as you look for photographers/videographers/producers in your work, personal lives or future events. More of my work can be found here: www.scottrokis.com

Purchasing Options

  • Why Should I Purchase? 

    • I'm a sole proprietor, full time freelance photographer. There are large organizations that manage groups of photographers where compensation is known, but nominal and the focus is quantity over quality. I am not that setup. I see every sale that comes through, I manage it all top to bottom and your purchases help keep this business running! If you do decide to purchase, please remember to credit your photographer @scottrokisphoto. Thank you! 

  • Digital Single Images: 

    • Per the instructions below, scroll through the gallery and find the image(s) of you. There will be single image digital download option
    • High Res ($18): >3mb file. Print size 16x24" and larger (I can provide large file too if needed)
    • Medium Res ($15): 3mb file. Print size 10x15" and great for web use
    • Web Res ($12): 1mb file. Print Size 8x12" and great for web use
  • Digital Packages:

    • All of your bib images ($45): If there are multiple images of you, you may use this option to purchase them all. All images high resolution
    • Mix & Match Packages (Varies): If you'd like to add some scenery photos into your purchase or combine with another runner to purchase a few, please use this option to mix together the exact package you'd like.  
  • Prints: 
    • Lots of print options available: mugs, canvas, prints, etc...if you have questions, please reach out and we'll get it sorted. If you like any of those giant panorama images, please contact me directly and I'll get you sorted. [email protected]


How can I find my photos?

  • All Distances Click Here

  • Single Image Purchase:
    • Scroll through the galleries and find the single image you'd like.
    • Click on the image and follow the options on the right to purchase.
  • Multiple Image Purchase: (Sorry, Zenfolio isn't the simplest shopping cart)
    • Scroll through the galleries and select the heart symbol to create your favorites
    • Once favorites are chosen, in upper left corner, mouse over My Selection and click My Selection.
    • Click Buy on the right hand side
    • Select "See All" under the Download section (or others if you would like prints, etc)
    • Select your package from the dropdown (Mix & Match 5, 10, 20; All Bib Photos, etc)
    • Click Preview
    • Select the Favorites Tab and add your images to the right
    • Click "Add to Cart" in the lower right and you're all set! 
  • Questions? Email [email protected]

Please don't steal these photos

  • Every year, every race, I find these photos appearing as people's profile photo on various social media platforms.  Often these photos are at lower, degraded screen capture resolution.  I work very hard to provide professional quality photos.  The equipment is expensive and the skills required take time to develop (not only photography...but the ability to get into position with the gear to capture these shots).  Please help support a local business. Thank you!