How can I find my photos?


  • Purchasing Option 1: Individual Shots
    • Scroll through each course location gallery
    • Click on your image and select the purchasing choice to your right
    • Walk through final purchase screens or return to gallery to buy more 
  • Purchasing Option 2: All Your Images
    • Scroll through each course location gallery
    • Click the "heart" in the upper left of the image you like ... continue for each gallery
    • Once selects are made, click on Favorites|My Selection in the upper left of the website
    • Mouseover "Buy" and select Buy All
    • DON'T MISS: Click the "X" next to Share Favorites ... there is a website bug at the moment. 
    • This will bring up the purchase screen, click "All Your Bib Images" for one photo ($40 total)
    • Add your images from the favorites on the next screen and click "Add to cart" in the lower right
    • Go to checkout and you're all set!   
    • The total should only be $40. 
  • Questions? Email [email protected]

Please don't steal these photos

  • Every year, every race, I find these photos appearing as people's profile photo on various social media platforms.  Often these photos are at lower, degraded screen capture resolution.  I work very hard to provide professional quality photos.  The equipment is expensive and the skills required take time to develop (not only photography...but the ability to get into position with the gear to capture these shots).  Please help support a local business. Thank you!