How can I find my photos?

  • FYI: I'm out of office October 11-17 ... your order email may not complete until the 18th due to my review and edit of the image.
  • Click: 2018 Overlook 50-50-25 Images
  • Photos are NOT bib tagged ... a quick scroll and you'll see all of your images. If you saw me twice, keep scrolling until you see the 2nd image.
  • Search through your photos and select the one you like the most! 
  • A new screen will appear, click on the + sign to add that image to your cart.  
  • Photo Edits -> Once you purchase your photos, I will edit and ensure all levels are correct, color balanced and defects removed.  Feel free to suggest your own personal enhancements as well; all included!

Please don't steal these photos

  • Every year, every race, I find these photos appearing as people's profile photo on various social media platforms.  Often these photos are at lower, degraded screen capture resolution.  I work very hard to provide professional quality photos.  The equipment is expensive and the skills required take time to develop (not only photography...but the ability to get into position with the gear to capture these shots).  Please help support a local business.  Thank you!