How can I find my photos?

    • Search through your photos and select the one you like the most!
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    • Select "Downloads" -> "FREE Photo" -> "Add to cart" 
    • NOTE: If you'd like all of your photos, select the "High Resolution Bundle" for $18.
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  • Photo Edits -> Once you purchase your photos, I will edit and ensure all levels are correct, color balanced and defects removed.  Feel free to suggest your own personal enhancements as well; all included!

Who is Scott Rokis?

  • Carson Valley Resident - Love it here!
  • Fellow Trail Runner - I've participated in the Prison Hill race for 4 years; Tahoe Rim Trail 50K twice and the TRT 50 in 2015
  • National Ski Patrol, Winter Search and Rescue - Serving with the Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol
  • Outdoor enthusiast! - Best chance of finding me is anywhere outdoors: climbing, biking, running, paddling and just always enjoying the day!

Please don't steal these photos

  • Every year, every race, I find these photos appearing as people's profile photo on various social media platforms.  Often these photos are at lower, degraded screen capture resolution.  I work very hard to provide professional quality photos.  The equipment is expensive and the skills required take time to develop (not only photography...but the ability to get into position with the gear to capture these shots).  Please help support a local business.  Thank you!